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How To Aquascape: Aquascaping with driftwood. Aquascaping theory

Driftwood is great for aquascaping and the most important ‘rule’ of aquascaping is scape what you will like, nobody else. But there is aquascaping theory you can use as a guideline.


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How to aquascape a tank: it’s tough to try to verbally explain an aquascape design. Look for angles to cut the tank with your eye.
I need to do more videos about how to aquascape and aquascaping with drift wood theory videos. Triangles and angles are key. You also need some really sweet driftwood. Don’t go cheap on driftwood–if you see an expensive, awesome piece, BUY IT. In my opinion, never try and put driftwood directly in the center of the tank. It just doesn’t look right in an aquascape. Ask me questions!

Find killer driftwood here: https://goo.gl/bRejwRaquarium-plants/driftwood/

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